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Selected Campus Projects Relevant to Women's Health

Puerto Rico Cancer Center

The Puerto Rico Cancer Center, an integral component of the Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Puerto Rico, comprises programs of basic research, clinical research, medical care, education, community services, and an Islandwide Cancer Management System.

Specific objectives for the Cancer Center include establishing programs of basic and clinical research of high scientific merit in accordance with the National Cancer Plan, which offer appropriate solutions to various cancer problems. The Center also strives to provide optimal care to cancer patients using the multidisciplinary approach in diagnosis, confirmation, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation by applying the best and most advanced diagnostic methods and treatment plans.

Educational programs for both professional and technical personnel which meet the needs of the advancing cancer problem in Puerto Rico and abroad, and community educational programs that will make the public aware of the early and varied manifestations of cancer so that they may seek prompt and efficient care, are among the Center's educational goals. The Center also provides an environment whereby new basic findings in cancer research may be translated into medical practice as early as possible, and serves as a demonstration center for dissemination of new therapeutic techniques to the medical community of Puerto Rico.

The Center's linkages with community programs include effective collaboration between the practicing medical profession, institutions, and various agencies in Puerto Rico which participate in the Islandwide Cancer Management System.

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